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Proud father! Thirty-two feet on the ground! Alpine x Boer Goats.

Each of four does recently had twins sired by this excellent Boer buck. One pair of twins was born 23 March and three pairs of twins were born 28 March 2011. Photographs of kids to follow soon; check back in a few days.

For information on availability, contact: (541) 999-5916   ( Coos County, Oregon )

Bred for disease resistance and hardiness in warm, dry climates, the Boer Goat is one of the most popular goats for meat production even in arid climates. Crossed with the Alpine Goat, the Alpine x Boer Goat hybrid combines the best of high quantity of quality milk production and excellent meat. Developed in South Africa during the early twentieth century, they are well-adapted for arid environments where they succeed with exceptional growth rates. With their tolerance for harsher conditions, these goats are often used for brush clearing.

The many adaptations that contribute to Boer Goat hardiness and rapid growth are dominant characters and mating a Boer buck with any other breed has been shown to improve the quality of the stock. A good buck will sire kids that can grow to 80 pounds in 90 days which is the standard time to slaughter.

Boer Goats have no defined breeding cycle and the presence of a buck will cause them to come into estrus which lasts 24 hours. And, with a gestation period of 5 months and nursing kids for an additional three months, Boer hybrid does can raise three pairs of twins every two years.

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