Mellea farm provides goats

. . . and the shepherds to protect them

 Mellea Farm

Twins! Eight feet on the ground. Alpine x Toggenburg Goats.

Fraternal twins (male and female), looking like identical twins, were born 26 February 2011. Born to Alpine x Toggenburg parents, these goats are well-known for their hardiness and milk production.

Above. The twins were sired by this excellent, young (born February 2010) Alpine x Toggenburg buck and he is available for stud.

Coos County, Oregon. Contact: (541) 999-5916

Domesticated more than 10,000 years before present, the Domestic Goat now occurs as many breeds selected for production of meat, wool, and/or milk. The original wild stock of goats that were the source of all domesticated breeds was from Anatolia, now Turkey. One of our goat breeds is a cross between the Alpine Goat and the Toggenburg Goat, both breeds from Switzerland and both bred for milk production. These two breeds differ in milk production. The Toggenburg Goat has low butterfat content and the Alpine Goat produces milk with high butterfat content and in greater quantity. The cross between the two has produced a hardier goat adaptable to cooler climates and with high milk production of good quality.

 Mellea Farm