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AKC Anatolian Shepherds

Aziza is a proud parent. Both father and mother are AKC registered purebred Anatolian Shepherds, great working dogs, and both have received "good" OFA ratings for their hips. We found the perfect match for Aziza in Sultan, grandson of Champion Shahbazin Alp Arslan and from Jennifer Floyd's San Diego line. Breeding took place at Winnetka Ranch in Jamal on 2 July and we hope to have many beautiful pups the first week in September 2011. Call soon to reserve your pick from the litter of these beautiful dogs from champion blood lines and which are excellent working stock. The price for puppies is $1500 with earliest deposits receiving sequential "pick of the litter". Deposits will be required and a sales signed. CLICK HERE TO VIEW SALES AGREEMENT.

Puppy Update: At eight weeks all puppies were examined by an AKC judge and were determined to be in excellent health and of superior structure as high quality show dogs according to AKC standards of conformation, agility and temperament. Since three weeks of age, the puppies have been trained with goats and have shown good bonding as future farm and ranch guard dogs. And, since six weeks of age, they have been undergoing training for socialization as family dogs and have shown high intelligence and have learned quickly.

Lucky Hit Bethany Aziza

Lucky Hit Bethany Aziza
AKC # WS26750408, OFA28G
Anatolian Shepherd Dog Female, Color: Fawn
Date Whelped: 05/01/2008
Breeder: Erick J Conard/ Kim Griffin Marcus
July 4, 2009, Winner, 1st Place and Best of Breed, Bandon, Oregon, Coos K C

Aziza is the daughter of two proven working livestock guardians (Case and Bethany, see below), one of whom (Bethany) is a Champion. In addition to proven working ability, her Champion dam is the daughter of two AKC Champion Specials. Aziza's Champion grandsire, Champion Birinci's Yahsi of Lucky Hit, was Number 1 AKC All Breed in 2005, 2006, and 2007 and took Best of Breed at Westminster in February 2008. Aziza's Champion granddam, Champion Maranda's Matilda Bay (Grace), was the Number 1 AKC Breed female in 2004!

Ten healthy puppies with strong hearts were born Tuesday 30 August. Six females and four males. Three puppies are pinto (rare) and seven are shades of fawn. In ten days their eyes will open and in three to four weeks they will be raised by Aziza with goats. At seven weeks they will be judged for conformation, movement, and show temperament. Call with questions and information on how to reserve pick of the litter with a $500 deposit. Total price $1,500. For more information: (541) 999-5916.

A ball of puppies . . . never can see all ten, they like to cuddle.

Aziza is a good mother.

Pintos on left; fawn on right. Colors change as the coat develops.

At twelve weeks

Aziza's Sire
Lucky Hit Shadow Kasif (Case)

Case at attention

Case guarding goats

Case guarding goats

Aziza's Grandsire, Birinci's Yahsi (Handsome), winning Best of Breed at Westminster in 2008

Aziza's Dam
CHAMPION Inanna Bethany Bay of Lucky Hit (Bethany)

Bethany guarding goats

Bethany is an AKC Certified Champion

Bethany at 3 months

Bethany earning her Championship in 2006 as 1st Open Bitch, Winner's Bitch, and Best of Winners

Below: "Sultan"

Below: Tutku. Mellea Farm is lucky to have Tutku as a 3-year-old working dog. Tutku is a good protector of the farm's livestock.

Below: Tutku with kids

Above. Tutku with Goats.

 Mellea Farm